Precision mechanics and contract manufacturing from a single source

ASKEA is here to support you in your planning, prototype production, all the way to manufacturing, all the while ensuring the quality of your products. ASKEA´s product portfolio is comprised of more than laser technology. Anything related to precision mechanics, we provide it: CNC turning and milling, lapping, abrasion, flat grinding, laser welding, laser cutting as well as laser engraving. In a nutshell:

Being precision mechanics we attend to our clients with an all-round carefree package. We produce complex components other companys don´t dare approach. Our client only needs to share ideas or components with us and then sit back and rely on our high quality work. Without having to concern themselves with the effort involved, our clients will receive the perfect components.

ISO 9001:2015 certified.

Ttransparent processes, an absolute focus on quality and customers, as well as reliable delivery. Since 16 September 2020, this has not only been our long-established corporate culture, but also an officially tested and certified standard.

With the certification of our quality management, we continue the successful implementation of Six Sigma standards in many processes. The ISO 9001 certificate provides us with renewed confirmation that our company processes meet international quality standards.

Download the certificate as .pdf document (german).

Utmost precision in every technological field

In order to ensure quality we examine the products with state-of-the-art measuring devices for which we rely on X-ray flourescence analysis and spectral analysis to find the tiniest traces of substances within the processed metals. e.g. see picture to the right: our operational multifunctional coordinate measuring machine with white light interferometer and tactile probe above a precision mechanical component.

Furthermore, we resort to additional measuring technologies: We boast more than three coordinating machines, one digital profile projector and one digital measuring microscope.

Precision mechanics and toolmaking

Joint welding

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