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Imagine a historic building, situated directly at the gate to the Allgäu in the small town of Amtzell. And now try to accomodate a domain of modern machinery and highest precision into this scenery. Impossible? Not at all. We interlink traditional values, expertise and modern technology. Therefore, we are more than your contact for precision mechanics and contract production, we also answer your inquirys on laser machines and laser technology.

Tradition meets modernity
The ASKEA Feinmechanik GmbH is a Family founded and run SME. It started life in a, at the time leased, residential and business property. We converted the old dairy storage facility and the salesroom to fit our needs. Our enterprise started with commissioned orders which very soon developed into orders from international businesses. With a conventional lathe and a computer controlled CNC-universal milling machine we generated our first revenue, thereby creating the foundation for our future. Incidently,, our first ever client has always been and still remains a member of the satisfied companies we enjoy servicing and partnering with. Our rate of growth continued ever since. As early as 1993/1994 we patented our first innovations.

Innovation has always been and still remains to this day a substancial part of our success! As Sales increased we invested in employees, machinery, into the company itself and into yet more innovation. To date we have registered over 50 patents. Due to our patents our company´s progress cumulated in being awarded the Landesinnovationspreis (federal state prize for innovation) in 2013. Meanwhile, our company moved into a historical building in the center of Amtzell.
Once again it seemed hard to believe for laser Technology and laser processing machines to move into this facility. We were constanty strengthened in our belief towards down-to-earth Innovation. On one Hand we wanted to preserve the houses historical Charakter and its effect towards the cities Image. On the other Hand we were intent on using mainly ecological materials in the rennovation process.

And here our Business continued its positive development: Our companys history boasts neither years with negative results nor have there been times of underemployment and redundencies. Nowadays ASKEA Feinmechanik GmbH has 15 employees and a state-of-the-art machinery. We even "had" to reactivate the old dairy factory to accommodate our Team and Technology. In Mai 2017 the founding Familys son Ralph Le Guin became part of our executive board. Therefore our companys future has already been arranged lies secure. At the moment we are concentrating on our future. We are expanding. Presumebly the crucial step towards a new Generation.

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